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Tips for Choosing the Best Lights for a Party


What makes a party perfect? That might be loud music, delicious food, abundant drinks and interesting people. Yes, these are parts of the answer. Yet lights can also be very important, since with good lighting we can better enjoy the festive atmosphere. In this article I’ll share with you tips for choosing the best lights for a party, and list a few ones for your information.



Tips for Choosing the Best Lights for a Party


Choosing the appropriate type of light should be the first thing to consider. There are various lights, like laser light, string light, LED lights and so forth, and which to choose is up to the occasion. For example, if the party is held outdoor, string lights will absolutely be needed because you can do so many things with them—-hang them vertically then you can create a curtain of lights which will be the perfect backdrop for your party, coil them round the trunks and you’ll create a dreamlike lighted forest, attach them to tall fence-posts or other structures and you’ll surprise your guests with a wonderful canopy. And when it comes to the occasion that you want to heat the atmosphere, laser light, which is widely used in bars and on stages, will be a perfect choice.



Buying a light that is smart is another tip for you. Many things that we use on a daily basis are becoming increasingly smart, our phones, for example. Smart stuff makes our lives easier and we know this, so when you decorate the holding place of the party, try something smart. There are several highlights of smart lights. For one thing, they can be controlled from anywhere, so you can enjoy the dance, the conversation or anything else with your friend while remain able to control the light as you wish. For another, some of the smart lights even play music, equipped with built-in speakers, available for Bluetooth connection, they are more than lights.


Recommendation of Party Lights


Even though I’ve shared with you useful tips for choosing the best light for your party, you may still feel puzzled about which to buy, because there are too many types and brands of light! For your convenience, two products which have received nice comments from users will be introduced here.


Blinblin Major 1  Blinblin is a young yet competitive brand, and Blinblin Major 1 is one of the products which sell best. To conclude advantages of this product I’ll say fairy lighting, built-in speaker, available Bluetooth connection and long music playing hours. With laser cover angle of 170 degrees and LED lamp coverage rate of 70 degrees, you can enjoy the fairy light whichever position you are at. And it can be connected to your phone Bluetooth, so you are free to decide which song to play. Moreover, with a big cell capacity, it plays music up to 15 hours. Since it performs well in every aspect mentioned above, it doesn’t matter whether we call it a Bluetooth speaker with laser light or a laser light with Bluetooth speaker.



Blinblin San 4 This is also a popular product of Blinblin. Thought it doesn’t play music as Blinblin Major 1 dose, one thing for sure is that where is the San 4, where is the starry sky. There are mainly three features that make San 4 qualified as a party light. First, it is of convenient rotating function. With the integrated screw, San 4 can change from one direction to another, which brings little shine stars to all the guests. Second, it is waterproof, so even if you want to hold a crazy outdoor party on rainy days, there is no necessary for you to worry about it being wet and getting wrong. And the last thing to mention is that it can be controlled remotely, and the remote control is available within the range of 5 meters.


Well, above are tips for choosing the best light for a party and two popular lights that deserve recommendation. Choosing appropriate lights does make parties much more enjoyable, and I hope this article is helpful for you to make the right choice.

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