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Portable Mini LED Projector Cinema Theater


Projector is playing an increasingly important role in our private and work lives and you might be considering to buy one. In this article 3 of the best portable mini LED projector cinema theatre will be introduced. With any one of them, you’ll be able to turn the place where you are into a cinema. Let’s have a look now!


1. Optoma ML750ST Short Throw LED Projector


This projector is an ideal choice for several reasons. First of all, with short throw lens, it projects contens from just over 3 feet from a wall or flat surface. Besides, its tiny size brings it in at under 1 pound, so you can take it to anywhere effortlessly. As to connectivity, you’ll be attracted by the multiple ways of connecting—MHL, HDMI and optional wireless connection. Moreover, with built-in memory, microSD card slot and USB, it makes device-free viewing possible, so that you can enjoy your movies or conduct your meeting even there’s no computer available. Click here to read a review of Optoma ML750ST.




2.LG PF50KA Portable Full HD LED Smart Home Theater Projector


LG has always been showing awesome performance in electronic area. LG PF50KA is a recommendable portable LED projector and following are its key features. The first thing to mention is its Full HD fesolution. This enables you to watch movies in true 1080p high-definition sharpness so that you won’t miss any fine details which may be lost at lower resolutions. As to special feature, it is LG Smart TV enabled. With LG PF50KA, LG’s exclusive Smart TV platform is simple to set up and various exciting premium content will be available. Moreover, it supports wireless connection and USB Type-C connection so you can project your movies, videos, photoes and apps wirelessly or through a single cable from compatible smartphones, tablet or laptop.



3.AAXA Technologies P300 Pico Projector


Though AAXA is not as well known as LG, it also has highlights which deserves mentioning. First, its native 1280*800 HD resolution with 1080p max input provides you with high-quality images. Besides, it has a wide range of connectivity– HDMI, mini VGA, composite AV along with microSD and USB readers. Its onboard Media Player is capable of playing high resolution videos, movies, pictures, music and text files directly from your USB flash drive or microSD card, so you can enjoy your time in various ways. Read this review to know more about AAXA P300.




Following is a brief graph which lists the key features of the three portable mini LED projectors introduced in this article.



Native Resolution

Lamp Life





20,000 Hours

MHL, HDMI, Wireless (optional)




30,000 Hours

USB, Wireless




20,000 Hours



The 3 mini LED projectors introduced are portable, and they can be applied in various scenes—used at home, they can creat a home theater for you; used in on-the-go business events, they can assist you to express your ideas. At last I’d like to share with you useful tips before you place an order. Clike here to see what they are.

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