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BLINBLIN COVERED THE Spectacular light show for SCO Qingdao!

As the 2018 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Summit got underway on 9th June in the eastern Chinese city of Qingdao, the curtain rose to a spectacular gala show at the International Sailing Center.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and leaders of the other seven SCO member countries as well as the four observer states attended the grand event to mark the opening of the SCO Qingdao Summit.


CR-TEC covered the whole light show of the party. The most stunning one- 30w full-color DREAM, powerfully certificated for 17 years, is one of the CR-TEC representative professional laser lights. As an ingenious piece of work, it is widely loved by customers and also frequently appeared in various events and concert stage.

A close-up at the gala

The tunes of China’s most ancient instrument Guqin heralded the first chapter of the gala, “A Moonlight Night,” featuring traditional Chinese culture.

The second chapter “The Charm of Shandong” focused on the local culture and traditions of the eastern Chinese province. Local folk songs were played, and traditional crafts were presented.

The third chapter “Nation of Peace and Prosperity” was a panorama of the modern life of the Chinese people. Displaying images of thousands of people smiling, the performance aimed at presenting a direct expression of what a good life means for ordinary people.

In the fourth chapter “Toward a Better Future,” the performers conveyed the hopes of people around the world.



What were highlights of the gala?


The stage was built on the sea, with the night sky and the city’s landscape as its background. Using cutting-edge technologies in video display and projection, the coastline of the city seamlessly blended in with the stage.

At the center of the stage, a sphere had been installed, signifying the globe


Zhang said it was the first time that such a grand stage combining the sea and the city had been built for a gala to mark a summit’s opening.

The last chapter of the show “Community with a Shared Future” set off the much-anticipated light and fireworks display, illuminating the night sky..

Thanks to the CR-TEC, we have a visual feast.

Besides, BlinBlin, a new brand of CR-TEC which was established in 2000 , dedicated to providing most favored housing and entertainment energy-saving green products and supplying humanized services for local consumers in multiple markets. We cover Europe, Russia and we’re extending our new market through the USA and Canada.

And now we already have HOT LED projector series, Bluetooth series and several housing laser light series. Below are some of our most popular ones :




  1. Major Ⅰ: High coverage with 30mw green laser light and 100mw red laser lightwith customized diaphragm and special motor.Big battery, long last.Shockproof and Rotatable. Two colors-Obsidian black and piano white ,more choice for customers.


  1. San Ⅰ: Solarcharge, wireless without plug, more peace of mind.Patent sink design with appearance of wear resistance.


  1. Show Ⅰ:The projection effect is better. Convenient to DIY. Patent sink designwith customized design, adjustable height and angle

We believe that Blinblin can bring more color and joy to our costumers life!

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