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How to Use Laser Light Show House Projector



A laser show projector is a device that projects changing laser beams on a screen to create a moving image for entertainment or professional use. It consists of a housing that contains lasers, mirrors, galvanometer scanners, and other optical components.


Laser light show projector is nowadays widely used to decorate the outdoor space or indoor space of a house, which has a wonderfully dreamlike visual effect on people or environment and make the house beautiful and attractive. With it, people can project any words or patterns which they like.


But how can you use laser light show house projector in a right way? There are many factors mentioned as follows.






 1.Choosing appropriate laser light show projector



Which light projector to choose mainly depends on how you want your house decorated. Many lights project just red and green balls of light, but some project patterns.

Other lights come with a selection of festive images to choose from and some even play music. More advanced units project animated movies.





  2.Light type and color


 Some projectors have LED lights, while others have lasers. The main difference is clarity. For example, if you pick a light that projects snowflakes, a laser light will project a clear image of a snowflake, while an LED snowflake would be softer and slightly out of focus. As for color, you can choose the color which you like, or according to the event or situation.



3.The amount of laser light projector and its location


Most homes will just need one projector for each side of the house they want to light up, but there are some factors that may require you to purchase more.


First, check how much square footage the projection covers. Then, determine how many square feet on your home’s exterior you want to cover with light. For example, if you just want to light the garage door, there’s no need to buy a bigger unit designed to cover the entire front of a house.


Second, remember that with many laser units, the farther back you put the unit, the wider the light display is. If you have a large house and a super small front yard, you may not have enough room to set the unit away from your house. You can change the location of projector according to your own interests or the situation.


4.Turning your artwork into laser graphics


From a production standpoint, this means that any custom laser show images need to be processed by a laser artist. You can’t do this yourself. The artist has to translate any existing artwork into laser imagery. A computer artist can design a scene with objects that translate well into laser, and can then render it into laser as an outline.




Some laser light projector is very convenient to DIY. Take the product Blinblin SHOWⅠfor example, because its projection light can be fixed with magnet material without screw, you can easily create any graphics as you like.


Above are all tips of choosing laser light show house projector. Click here. and you’ll find out more interesting things.


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