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How to Choose Outdoor Wall Lights

How to choose outdoor wall lights is a question that most of us have to think about now or someday in the future. Generally, we should not only consider the design but also the light source type, quality, style and so on. In this article, the author will introduce how these factors influence the choice of outdoor wall lights.



The light source type is the first key point to think about. Nowadays, there are mainly LED, incandescent, compact fluorescent light (CFL). Following is the comparison among them.


Working life


LED has longest working time which is about 100 thousand hours; incandescent works no more than 1000h; CFL can last 6000h at least.


Luminous efficiency


Bulbs of higher luminous efficiency are more energy-saving. Usually, LED is the most energy-saving type. The luminous efficiency of it is 90~130 LM/W. Following is CFL, 40~80 LM/W, while incandescent is of only 10 LM/W.





As is mentioned just now, incandescent has low luminous efficiency, which makes it waste more electric energy and be less environmental friendly. As to CFL, mercury is necessary to keep it working, which will unavoidably cause pollution because the leak of 5mg mercury causes pollution of 1800 tons of water. Meanwhile, LED, a popular and updated kind of light, is becoming a trend considering environmental protection.


Secondly, quality is also an important factor to think over when purchasing outdoor wall lights. Outdoor wall lights are often placed in backyard or garden, which means the lights have to suffer from sunlight, rain, snow, or even hailstone, and all kinds of weathers would shorten their service life. Therefore a qualified outdoor wall light needs to be anti-UV, waterproof, and wear resistant.


Thirdly, if you care about the whole decoration effect of your house, you have to pay attention to the style of the wall light. There are three styles for your reference.


European classical style



This style is the most common and most popular one among all styles. The outer material of it is usually steel or cast aluminum and glass.


Chinese classical style



For this type of style, Chinese elements are added into design, which are usually Chinese ancient eave and pane, having an antique flavor and showing one’s distinctive taste.


Modern concise style



Compared with the former two styles, this simple style is more suitable for modern mansion. Matched with this kind of light, mansions will look more modernized.


Well, above are all tips for you to choose outdoor wall light, namely, considering the light source type, quality and style. Next I’ll recommend several lights for your reference.


San 4 is one of the bestselling products of Blinblin. Its slogan “Where the san 4 is, where the starry sky is” totally presents its feature–ablaze. Therefore, it is often used in party to add joyful atmosphere. Besides, its design is customer friendly—-adjustable height, convenient rotating function, external solar charging board, available remote control all make San 4 attractive to light hunters.


Show 1 is aother popular product of Blinblin. Just as San 4, it is also waterproof, wear resistant and anti-UV. Still, what makes San 4 unique is that it shows whatever you want to show, which means that you can DIY images to be displayed.


All in all, in this article the author shares with you how to choose outdoor wall light and introduces two products of Blinblin which you may be interested in. To find out more about this brand and its lights, click this.

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