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How to attach neck pillow to suitcase?

How to attach neck pillow to suitcase has been a question for a long time. When people pack their suitcases for travel, they always be in a dilemma whether they should bring a neck pillow with them to support their stiff necks? Most of them have to give up pillows after long time struggling due to limited suitcase spaces. Fortunately, the bliblin multi-faction inflatable neck pillow ease worries by saving precious packing as well as bring comfort to travelers.

Reasons for choosing bliblin neck pillow

1.Save your precious packing

For travelers, space means everything to them. The bliblin multi-function inflatable neck pillow can maximumly save space for other traveling necessities. It takes seconds to inflate or deflate the blinblin neck pillow. Simply press the black air release value, you can fold a pillow by pressing and tightening it. Then pack the pillow into a well-designed compact packsack. Simple steps, comfortable trip. The picture below shows the instruction how to inflate or deflate a bliblin neck pillow.

 2.Meetyour various needs with multi-function

During a long-hour travel, a U-shaped soft bliblin neck pillow can give your cervical vertebra enough support for a good sleep. When you are dedicated in busy work, a blinblin neck pillow is served as a back cushion which releases pressure of your lumbar. Taka a break and just sit tirelessly. The blinblin neck pillow also provides office workers who spend whole day in workplace sweet afternoon nap. Face down to the inflated neck pillow and take a good nap. It can be deflated and put into your drawer. Maintain your workplace order and save your space as well. Even for people who like outdoor activities, the bliblin neck pillow is necessary. On a self-driving trip, you may suffer from stiff neck and lumbar after long time sitting or driving. With ergonomic design and occipital curve, the pillow takes care of your cervical vertebra and take stress off your shoulders and neck by holding up your head upright.

Ergonomic design and user-friendly material

The high-resilience and airtight PVC liner make the neck pillow adjustable and customize to the inflation level that works best for you. U-shaped feature makes your cervical-shoulder perfectly with camel-back curve design. Besides, the bliblin neck pillow chooses skin-friendly and sweet-absorbent Velvet material, comfortable and breathable.

Long service life and triple protection

The bliblin adopts triple protection device, which can effectively prolong service life. What’s more, the high quality ABS air value maintained in the neck pillow makes the product safer with pressure protection device.

Handy and convenient cleaning

The invisible zipper design protects your neck and lumbar from scratch when sleeping. It’s handy to separate the inner from pillowcase for cleaning.

Color selection

There are three colors for your free choices: emerald green, carmine red and silver moon gray.

Product information and precaution

The blinblin neck pillow is 30*28*15cm in size and 0.2 kg in weight. When washing it, remember don’t washing the liner and exposed it the sun.

So now do you know how to attach neck pillow to suitcase? Simple order a blinblin multi-function inflatable neck pillow, then all your packing problem will be solved easily. Click the website and enjoy your comfortable journey.

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