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Best Time to See the Northern Lights



Northern lights, or aurora borealis, is a natural light display in the Earth’s sky, mainly seen in the high-latitude regions. It’s strongly recommended that we see the Northern lights and feel the power and beauty of nature at least once during our lifetime. However, Northern lights are rare. To achieve the goal luck and plan are both needed. In this article the author will share with you the best time to see the Northern lights.



Best time to see the Northern lights



The first thing we should know when deciding the set off time is that the Northern lights are most clearly seen at night against a dark and clear sky. Therefore, we’d better go between winter and spring when the sky is less cloudy than that in autumn. And we need to stay up late, generally between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., when the sky is really dark.




Above are the best months and hours for watching the Northern lights, which are not all we should know. To get a perfect Northern lights-watching experience, weather should not be ignored. First, it’s necessary for you to watch the weather report so that you know whether the day is cloudy or not—cloudy day is not a good choice as I’ve mentioned before. Besides, you also need to know the temporature. Since the days of watching Northern lights are mainly between December and April when the weather is really cold, you need to pick a comparatively warmer day so that you won’t be easily defeated by the low temporature at night. I’d like to recommend you a weather searching website which enables you to search for the weather of all places in the world. This will be helpful when you’re making out your plan.





Best places to see the Northern lights



In the former part I shared with you the best time to see the Northern lights, now I’ll continue with introductions to the best places you should take into consideration. As we know, Northern lights can only be observed within the auroral zone which encircles Earth’s northern reaches, therefore, we’d better go to places of high latitude.



Tromso of Norway is absolutely a good choice. Located in the auroral zone, Tromso has a comparatively higher rate of being visited by the Northern lights. Moreover, thanks to the North Atlantic Drift, the climate of Tromso is not that cold—the average temperature at winter night is about -5℃, which most of us can bare. If you decide to set off for Tromso to see the Northern lights, visit this website to get useful information.



Besides, Alaska, Abisko of Sweden, Inari and Rovaniemi of Finland, Kirkjufell of Iceland are also ideal places for visitors. Visit this website to see forecast of Northern light in North Europe and forecast of Northern light in Northern America. Pay attention to the KP because it being bigger than 3 means that Northern lights are possible to appeare.



Well ,that’s all about best time and places for you to see Northern lights. Remember, good luck and ample preparation are needed and the latter is the most important thing.






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