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Best Summer Laser Light Show

Laser  light show is always a good option for special occasions like parties and holidays. Now that the long summer days are already there, what about entertaining you and your parterners with a fantastic laser light show ? In this article, the author will share with you how to prepare the best laser light show for your summer.


What are needed



The first thing you should get ready is a laser light projetor, of course. There are abundant kinds of laser light project on Amazon, eBay and other online markets and you can choose one according to your needs and taste. For your information I’ll list several types of projector, make a comparison among these types and give examples to each type in the following part.


To add the heated atmosphere you can also prepare a Bluetooth speaker that plays BGM that make things hum. Imagine you guys wave your bodies with the music. Indulging in the music, all you can feel is joy and relaxing atmosphere.


Special effect fog is also a good choice since it makes you feel that you’re in a bar or at a concert at the moment.



List of laser light projects



It’s fair to say that a good laser light projector is the core of your summer laser light show. Therefore, I’ll show you what types of laser light projector you can find online, and make a comparison among them.



Type Pattern Speaker Remote Control Multicolored Display Example
A NO NO YES YES Sibaok Laser Stage Lighting
B YES NO YES YES YoyoKit Laser Lights
C NO YES YES YES Blinbli Major 1



This graph  roughly shows in which aspects projectors differ. You might have found that it’s not rare for a laser light projector to be controled remotely and to display various colors, and you might be curious about the third one, Blinblin Major 1, which, as a laser light projector,  has a speaker itself.





Here I’ll give you detailed descriptions about this product. The first highlight of Blinblin Major 1 is the built-in speaker. While most of laser light projectors on the market are no more than a projector, Major 1 can also be used as a speaker. Connect Major 1 to your phone Bluetooth and you can play any music you want with it. And you have no need to worry about the quality of the sound, because the column design makes the sound wave  360 degrees and people in any direction can enjoy the music.


Besides, the laser cover angle is of 170 degrees and the LED lamp coverage rate is of 70 degrees,  so it’s easy for the fairy light to get to every corner of the space. Moreover, Major 1 has a big cell capacity—the 2600mAh capacity Gp battery enables it to play music as long as 15 hours.





I guess by now you’ve grasped tips for preparing the best summer laser light show and for choosing the most appropriate laser light projector. Hurry up to light your summer! And if you want to know more about projecter, visit this website to encounter yours. 


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