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Best Accessories for Your Special Event


There are many special events in our lives like a birthday party, a wedding ceremony, a long waited gathering with family or old friends. To make these special events special we need the help of various kinds of accessories. In this article, the author mainly introduces two accessories—-laser light and Bluetooth speaker, both of which are helpful to create a heated atmosphere.



Laser light


Laser light is a good option for special events. Colorful and beautiful light which brings festive atmosphere and dreamlike visual effect are reasons why laser light is popular in special events and why the author recommends it to you. There are other reasons for choosing it, of course. Those who have used it know that combine laser light with words or patterns (we call this combination laser projecting) we can see beautiful words or patterns reflecting on the ground, wall or other surfaces, and we can choose different words or patterns according to the occasion. For example, on a Christmas party, we may combine the laser light with the phrase “Merry Christmas” and on a birthday party we use “Happy Birthday”.



Since there are too many brands and types of laser light, you may feel puzzled about which one to buy. Well, here are two products for you.


The first one is Blinblin SANⅠ , a kind of outdoor laser light, it fits occasions like outdoor party. There are several advantages of this laser light that deserves introducing. First, it is wireless and there is no need to plug it to electric power source. That is because the special ultra- polycrystalline solar charging board fixed on it provides the light with electricity. On rainy days you can also charge it with USB. Besides, the height and angle of the light can be adjusted through the holder as you wish. Moreover, the shell is made from durable material, so the light will always be there despite bad weather and extreme temperature. Last but not least, remote control is possible as long as the distance is within the range of 5 meters and the using time of the light can also be controlled with the remote controller.



Bluetooth speaker


Bluetooth speaker, a stereo sound system that utilizes the Bluetooth electronic frequency to wirelessly connect and play music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, including your computer, smartphone, and tablet, is also a good accessory for your special event. Here the author will recommend BlinBlin Major I.


MajorⅠ is another best-selling product of Blinblin company. This product is different from common Bluetooth speakers in market in that it can not only be used as a speaker, but also be used as a laser light. The music it plays heats the atmosphere and makes us well relaxed. As to battery, it has so large a capacity that it can last 15 hours without break. Moreover, you just need to use the reliable stand in the bottom of the speaker to adjust the laser light’s angle.


Well, above are best accessories for your special event. If you have other recommendations, welcome to share with us.

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