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4 Easy Tips for Hosting a House Party

Have you always wondered how to throw a house party that’s not just ‘good’ but ‘mind-bendingly, unbelievably, once-in-a-century awesome’? Here’s how. Whether you’re leaving halls behind and moving into a new house in September or saying goodbye to university life forever, there’s only one thing to do. Throw a house partaaaay!



So that people have something to do with their hands when they arrive, so your guests are less likely to be messy drunk. Go for crisps, snacky chocolate and popcorn and place artfully in plastic bowls on a table.



Make potent, luminous, sugary cocktails and serve in those little plastic cups for maximum ‘we tried, but not too hard’ effect.



Get yourself some decent bluetooth speakers that require a pin. Create a playlist in advance (or find one you like) and keep your phone on you at all times.




Don’t have the big light on. Seriously, nobody wants to see what anyone else looks like after 10 vodkas. And just think how good you’d look lit by the gentle glow of Christmas lights you’ve just dug our of the cellar.


So I have a great idea. A laser light projector with bluetooth speaker will make a big help to your house party, That will bring you perfect lights and music which can be controlled by your phone.




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